New Red River Rebellion

...struggle some to stand, since the solved series of summits spanned

Mixed heritage. Mutual exchange. Learning from each other what a world of equality might look like.


The place where the Red and Assiniboine rivers join at the heart of this continent was a cultural meeting place long before there were parking lots and shops built there.  'The Forks' is still a gathering place today... somewhere not just for the exchange of goods, but ideas as well, and for sharing in celebrations.  

Musicians and entertainers have always participated in this community, providing substance for an ever-present audience of passers-by.  It was in this setting some years back, when a life-changing musical exchange began what has come to be called: New Red River Rebellion.  What started as light-hearted, joint busking sessions covering a range of musical styles, soon turned into day-long basement jams and home-recording sessions.  

Loosely characterized as roots-rock, the possibilities opened up by the collaboration of multi-instrumentalists passionate about numerous musical traditions and driving rhythm has become a journey of discovery.  This is the type of partnership that informed our mixed heritage, and it's where we place our hope: humanity's ability to share together in mutual exchange, learning from each other what a world of equality might be like.  

Live Line-up

Brian Lorraine - Lead Vocals.  Rhythm Guitar.  Harmonica.

Pierre Freynet - Electric Guitar.  Vocals.

Clayton Lorraine - Bass Guitar.  Vocals.

Jeremy Rusu - Keyboards.  Mandolin.  Accordion.  Vocals.

Ivan Burke/Jon Lemer - Drums.


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