New Red River Rebellion

...struggle some to stand, since the solved series of summits spanned

Mixed heritage. Mutual exchange. Learning from each other what a world of equality might look like.

Discount Everything

This album is nearly 100 percent DIY. Recorded by Jeremy Rusu @ Chez Sauve over many long winter days.  Mixed and Edited by Jeremy and Brian. Mastered by John Peters at Private Ear Recording.  Contact us to buy an album.


Discount Everything, New Red River Rebellion

Brian Lorraine - Lead Vocals.  Acoustic Guitars.  Harmonicas.  Some (S)Lapsteel.  Some Autoharp. 

Jeremy Rusu - Drums.  Backing Vocals.  Keyboards.  Accordion. 

Clayton Lorraine - Bass.  Backing Vocals.  Big Ol' Acoustic Bass.

David Labovich - Electric Guitars.  Mandolin.  12-string Electric Guitar.

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